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Using 读书俱乐部 to Address Death, Dying, and Grief

Whether you’re dealing with the grief that comes after losing a loved one or facing the reality of your own mortality (or everything in between), it’s hard to not only cope with 死亡, 死亡, and bereavement, but to even talk about it. The irony of 死亡’s taboo nature is that 死亡 is a universal issue each and every one of us will eventually face. To help overcome these stigmas, the Natrona County 皇冠大全买球 partners with Central 怀俄明 Hospice and Transitions to offer a quarterly book discussion group that focuses on life, 死亡, and grieving at their ‘Til Death Due You Part Book Club.

This gathering provides a comfortable atmosphere in which to share a respectful, thought-provoking, and life-affirming conversation on the topics of 死亡, 死亡, and bereavement. Anyone is invited to attend, not just those who are currently utilizing hospice services.

This unique book discussion group has been meeting since January of 2019, and the meeting location alternates between the 皇冠大全买球 and Central 怀俄明 Hospice and Transitions to make the gathering more accessible. Participants even get a free copy of the book. In 2023, the group will read and discuss the following books:

这些书, and the books discussed over the past several years, provide readers with a glimpse into the variety of experiences 死亡 offers and the paths others have found through the trials of the 死亡 process. There are no better teachers about 死亡 and 死亡 than those who have encountered it already. Starting an end-of-life book club like this in your community is a great way to unite people around a shared human concern that we often ignore until it’s too late.

For more information about this topic, book discussion group, or books, call 577.7323 or visit xiaojie888.net/book-clubs.

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